Monday, May 10, 2010

guide on how to Add the source

Adding the source

Open Cydia and tap Manage, then tap Sources
Then tap Edit
Next tap Add
Type in and tap Add Source
Now tap Done
Tap the line
And Install.
EDGE Disabler
This is for users whose carriers give them an IP that push will not work on. They typically give you an IP that is only useful to reach a data subscription page. An example is T-Mobile US Prepaid. This package forces EDGE to be disabled and then push will finally work over WiFi. This is only a last resort as some carriers IP can be disabled using You can tell if your carrier is still giving you an IP by dialing this string on the phone *3001#12345#* and pressing Call. Next, tap PDP Context List and then 0. If you do not have the '0' listed, or the IP Address shown on the '0' page is then you don't need this package.
YouTube Fixes
These are free fixes for anyone to use who does not have a working YouTube key. Unlike other fixes, these will *not* touch your push key. There are three of them because each YouTube key only seems to work in different areas of the world, but it is more comlicated than that.

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