Sunday, May 9, 2010

iPhone3GS with new boot update to original 3.1.3 keep baseband 05.11.07 100% solutio

iPhone3GS with new boot update to original 3.1.3 keep baseband 05.11.07 100% solution please do not play this if you don't have original carrier sim card. this solution needs sim activation on iTunes after update FW first iTunes flash(update or recovery) fw is build these 2 steps 1.iPhone software(you can see software virsion 3.1.2) 2.iPhone firmware(you can see modem firmware 05.11.07) The trick is here. What do you think if you stop flashing when updateing(recovering) manually? I mean remove cable or burnout or some reasones. Yes if the stop point is correct you can flash only phone software. (but if you lost timming to do this then phone firmware will be updated) 1.Open iTunes and connect your iPhone3GS new boot (unlock must have iPhone has bb05.11.07) 2.Backup your iPhone 3.Restore "iPhone2,1_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw" (No need press shift key coz this fw is original) 4.Wait the timming that you remove cable from iPhone. 5.Remove cable NOW when itunes say "restore iphone firmware" This point is very important My windows is not english language so iTunes say like this updating iPhone software verifying iPhone software updating iPhone firmware <-- remove cable quickly the massage change to this 6.iTunes gets error 9 but noproblem, don't worry 7.Reboot your iphone(it must goes to recovery mode) 8.Use iH8snow and press "fix recovery mode loop" then choose iPhone 3GS 9.Wait few minuts it will reboot automatic 10.Put carrier sim card and activate on itunes done check your version on your iphone it must be 3.1.3 and 05.11.07 After this you can run SpiritJB ENJOY and GOOD LUCK This solution has a risk, play this with own risk!!

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